Supporting Strategic Development Processes:

If the design of strategies is not only to take place in the higher spheres of top management, but to be conducted with the participation of the workforce, the following approach in steps is advisable:
1. The management team develops strategic fundamentals and proposals, based on the business specifications and framework.
2. These proposals are then discussed with employees, colleagues, customers and superiors and aligned if necessary.
3. The agreed strategy is implemented with the aid of strategic projects and monitored with controlling tools.

Analysis tools can include portfolio analysis, Mind Maps, customer and employee surveys.

Development tools can be vision and role model exercises, formulating mission statements in workshops (incl. strategic business units and targets).  

Implementation tools such as the „Real-Time-Strategic-Change Conference (RTSC)“ (Jacobs, DannemillerTyson), which is conducted in a large group, have proven to be especially suitable. The management board’s strategic positioning is discussed, examined with the entire staff or a representative group and amended if necessary. In addition, strategic implementation projects are initiated on site in order to set the wheels in motion.   

Supporting and Meditating Team Development Processes:

Within workshops including all parties, expectations toward „leading and being lead“ are discussed, conflicts emphasised and solved in a goodwill atmosphere and, if wished, integrated into feedback processes. All agreements are noted and are the basis for later reviews. This effort is conducted using visualization tools and within a defined framework of „rules“.


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